When they’re down and just begging to be kicked, there’s a tax for the working poor… The INCOME TAX!!!

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Across centuries and nations, laborers or “Labor” has helped bring goods and services to market, in the broadest sense of the term. The lowest skilled of these have always commanded the lowest compensation. Among these were the Russian Burlakis or “boat haulers.” (Like the ones shown in this famous painting [...]

Why the Prebate is NOT Welfare

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EVERY government program surely has its abusers. The Family Consumption Allowance (Prebate) will be no different, but one needs to measure it against the question “Will it be more or less corrupting to ambition and productivity in society than the existing system? Here are four common sense ways to conclude [...]

Remove “Payola” From Our Tax System

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pay·o·la (noun): the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a particular product or interest. “….. unless the deductions are removed, the tax code will remain afflicted by its greatest flaw. Namely, its preferencing of accountant interests over the economy. By forcing taxpayers into a [...]

Foreign Tourists Finally Contribute

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Tourists have been contributing to state coffers when seeking lodging, transportation, dining and buying souvenirs. In fact, tourism has become an industry which drives the economy of several states. Statistics show that in 2016 the hotel industry reported $199.3 Billion in lodging revenues. That same year records show 75.9 M [...]

The Prebate is Self-funding

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When you look at a fountain, you observe water spewing forth, filling a container below causing it to overflow into the bottom basin. What is the source of the water spewing forth from the top? The fountain’s water source is therefore self-contained, recirculating from the bottom reservoir to the top. [...]