not the barista.

Tax the cup of coffee,

Your receipt shows the tax.

Mine, too!

is greater now.

My take home pay

Lowers Sales Tax

Buying on


Fair Tax Ends All Forms of Federal Income Tax,

So How Will The Government Get Its Money?

It’s Simple

With the Fair Tax, you pay tax only when you choose to spend money on services and new goods. Every
legal resident receives a monthly sum (a “prebate”) based on family size.

The refunds become pre-funds ( rebates→ prebates) for the purpose of untaxing legal residents up to
the poverty level (determined annually by HHS). The prebate is delivered to you for your use at the
beginning of each month. You are not forced to use it as tax relief of purchases you might or might not
wish to make. How about starting a “rainy day fund”, or……….? The prebate is self-funding (doesn’t add
to the deficit). All Income Tax is gone, allowing you to control your entire paycheck and any and all

Besides legal/illegal residents making their voluntary taxable purchases at the retail level, the Fair Tax
will have hugely expanded the tax base and virtually eliminated tax evasion. Taxing consumption (70%
of GDP) is a more reliable source of revenue even during economic downturns.

Several Fair Tax Advantages

No Gift Tax

Win a Prize? The Lottery? Early Inheritance?

No Gift Tax

No longer necessary to report your wins or gifts given or received. Win a prize? the lottery? or early inheritance? No need to sell it to pay the tax. Income Tax is gone

No Capital Gains Tax

Profits Become Tax Free

No Capital Gains Tax

Invest in or sell anything at any time without worrying about income taxes to be paid. When you make money under the income tax system, you are making it for you and your partner, the government. They took none of the risk. The Fair Tax eliminates all income taxes, making all investments private. You have no silent partner under the Fair Tax. Enjoy your capital gains. Pad your own coffers. Now you can finally invest in yourself and your family.

No Death Tax

Inheritance No Longer Penalized

No Death Tax

The Government can’t tax money or property you inherit unless it considers it income. Why? We have an income tax code that makes it taxable. Under the Fair Tax Code, income is no longer taxed. Income is tax-free no matter how you earn it. If you spend it on taxable items, you will be in effect sharing it with the Government. Your choice to spend, how much, when, and where. Income tax is toxic.

No Payroll Tax

Social Security/Medicare Become Securely Funded

No Payroll Tax

Multiply 7.6% times your gross salary. That’s how much extra income you’ll have in take-home pay. The Fair Tax eliminates the payroll tax and still funds Social Security and Medicare with no modification. The payroll tax is the most regressive, abusive tax you will ever pay for the right to work, especially when the government can not keep their part of the payroll tax contract.

No Tax Audits

Individuals Are No Longer Accountable - Business Is

No Tax Audits

You as a tax paying consumer cannot be audited. Only the service provider or the retailer you patronize is held responsible to the government. No audit, no need for the investigating arm of the IRS. No tax evasion, fines, prison sentences or litigation to prove your innocence. No personal tax debt. No social stigma. Fair Tax, a national consumption tax like a state sales tax removes all individual accountability (audits).

No Filing Taxes

Your Earnings Belong to You, Not The Government. Privacy.

No Filing Taxes

April 15th will no longer rest its weight over your head, if we stop taxing income. That’s exactly what the Fair Tax does. Even if you get a refund, there is the process of filing. Even if you have someone figure your taxes, you must provide them with the proof of your expenditures of tax-deductible items. Are you ready to prove you deserve a refund? A refund means they have taken your money already and might return some. It’s your money, it’s your right to privacy, and it’s your choice.

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