The candidates and politicians proclaim, “Everyone* must have skin in the game!”, and the audience cheers. But did you miss the asterisk?

The asterisk says; *(Except me and my special interests.)

I talk with people about the FAIRTax who say, “I could never support a regressive tax.” But if you ask that EVERYone who possibly can, pay SOMEthing toward government services and programs, you’re branded a “regressivist.”

You can’t have it both ways. Either you want to pay something toward government services and programs or you don’t.

From Wikipedia: A progressive tax is a tax in which the average tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases. The term “progressive” refers to the way the tax rate progresses from low to high, with the result that a taxpayer’s average tax rate is less than the person’s marginal tax rate.

The FAIRTax is demonstrably progressive. Period! You don’t get to redefine “progressive.”

You may say that it is not sufficiently redistributive for your liking, but it is most certainly progressive.

So, let’s keep it real. If you want to redistribute wealth, there are candidates who will support that. Let’s just not do it via taxation. It’s so inefficient to do it that way (and the wealthy find / create ways around it all anyway.)

Inefficiencies make our economy less productive, and less productivity results in less commerce. Less commerce produced means less employment and less employment produces less tax revenue. The FAIRTax is simpler and will therefore be more efficient. Greater efficiency will result in greater tax revenue for programs.