When we see something needs fix’n, we get at fix’n it right now. We know the job will only be worse and cost more, if we ignore it. Grab your tool belt and join the rest of us to get the job done.

Some have been trying to shore up the patched income tax. DC wants to show you that it is working for you. Every patch is a Band-Aid applied to help us peons survive. Throw $1,000 at their next campaign and see how much more you are noticed. We can’t get the job done unless more people can see the way we are being treated by the people who are supposed to be working to represent us and our district.

Put on your hard hat. We are about to make our wishes known. Our game is exposure both good and bad. It’s time to tell your truth through transparency. Our truth is freedom. If you don’t speak up, they will say, sorry you should have said something. My response is, “Well, you never asked, Sir/Madam.” They will never ask, so they can play dumb. Maybe they are not so dumb. I think the term is “plausible deniability”.

Trick: When their answer is in political speak, simply ask them to paraphrase it. Keep asking them to paraphrase their first paraphrase and so forth until you are sure that each person in the room who’s old enough to vote understands it. Don’t accept anything less. They owe all of us that. If they tell you they aren’t that familiar with HR25/S18, offer to sit down with them, so you can help them review the salient parts of the bill.