pay·o·la (noun):

the practice of bribing someone to use their influence or position to promote a
particular product or interest.

“….. unless the deductions are removed, the tax code will remain afflicted by its greatest flaw.
Namely, its preferencing of accountant interests over the economy. By forcing taxpayers into a
maze of loopholes, deductions, and sometimes incomprehensible forms, the current code wastes
a huge amount of capital on inefficiency.

A federal sales tax would offer an alternative.”- “Time for a national sales tax” by Tom Rogan | June
26, 2017 04:46 PM Washington Examiner

Eliminating the lobbying in Congress to affect receiving “Tax Favors” from lawmakers is quick
and simple: Eliminate Deductions and Loopholes by eliminating The Income Tax. Pass a
consumption or national retail sales tax. That national retail sales tax is called The Fair Tax,
current bill HR25/S18.

If legislators don’t pay attention to lobbyists anymore, they will pay attention to us, their
constituents. They will begin to represent our collective wishes, if they wish to be re-elected.