(Please note this word “SCIENTER” before proceeding. Definition: “Knowledge, beforehand, of evil.”)

Apple Computer is now widely known to use a tax avoidance practice I call  “The Jersey Shuffle.”

This practice is only feasible for large companies having operations outside the US. If you are interested in the nuances of the Jersey shuffle, you may search “Paradise Papers.”

Now that you are aware of this fact, you possess scienter. If you go forward with your iPhone purchase, you are, in this writer’s opinion, morally implicated in depriving the US government of tax dollars needed for Social Security, Affordable Healthcare Act, Medicare, and countless other federal programs.

The FAIRTax, the only PROGRESSIVE consumption tax now being considered by Congress, is the only solution which will permanently solve this problem. Under the FAIRTax you can be assured no multinational company is gaming the US tax system ON YOUR BEHALF. The proof that the tax gets paid will be in black and white right on your receipt!!!

Tell your representative, “Find a way to get HR25 out of committee or I’m voting for your opponent. PERIOD!”