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For Everyone
Key points of the FairTax Act by Kerry Bowers and Karen Walby
FairTax effective tax rates by family structure and spending
2013 FairTax Overview - includes prebate schedule
Most recent prebate schedule for one-adult household and two-adult households
Most recent prebate schedule - includes Alaska and Hawaii
Open Letter to President by 80 economists supporting the FairTax
Promoting Home Ownership / Morgage Deduction Question Answered - White Paper by FairTax.org
Side By Side FairTax vs. Flat Tax - by Jim Donnell
Top Arguments Against The FairTax And WHY They Are ALL BUNK from FairTaxWarrior.com
AFFT Analysis of The Freedom Flat Tax HR1040 vs. HR25
FairTax versus Flat Tax detail comparison by Karen Walby - AFFT Economist
Use the FairTax Calculator to figure out your effective tax rate under the FairTax!
FairTax vs. Flat Tax - From FairTax.org.
Note: Incorrectly states that the origial income tax was a Flat Tax. It was not.
FairTax Presentation: In PowerPoint | In PDF | Handouts (PDF)
Economic Effects of the FairTax - 16 Million Jobs the first year!
Impact of the FairTax on the middle class.
FairTax supports the American Farm Bureau's Tax Policy - Point by Point!
Impact of the FairTax on Farming and Ranching
FairTax Quotes and Sound Bites
Sample Earnings Statement showing how much more takehome page you would have.
8.5 x 11 Hand Sign for Rallies Word | PDF
For Democrats
Why the FairTax Benefits Democrats
Jessica Wexler - Democrat who loves the FairTax.
Why the FairTax is more progressive than the current income tax.
For Republicans
Why the FairTax Benefits Republicans - Highlights overlap with Democrats.